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In our time together Todd has helped me fight addictions, deal with relationships, improve my health, structure my life, and push myself to develop as a person.

Todd isn't a guru or shaman, he isn't a health nut or a doctor, and he isn't a sickeningly positive enforcement to tell you that life is all roses.

No, Todd is a simply a wise human, who has fought so many different life battles that he's learned how to navigate the difficulties of one's journey with strength, conviction, and balance.
There have been many moments throughout our time knowing each other, in which I've needed that extra push but didn't know how to ask for it.

Largely this has been in moments of poor self-esteem or not thinking highly of myself. Looking back on those brief windows of suffering makes me happy now because I realize, not only did he help me claw out of the mental situations I was in, he did so without putting any words in my head.

All the answers I really needed were already in me -- but if it weren't for his presence I might not have connected the dots.

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